Why Planning for Life After We’re Gone is Vital


Lauren Pitman

Author, Attorney

Sometimes, when we’re caught in the everyday details of parenting—like shuttling one child to dance and one to soccer practice—it’s easy for something like choosing a guardian to get put on the back burner. 

I want you to know that having an emergency plan for your kid(s) is as essential as providing them with healthy food and a safe place to live. It’s part of their well-being and your own. I know that when you have a small child—or are preparing for one—it can feel impossible to think about what it would be like if you weren’t there to care for your little one.

Many parents find it so impossible to think that they just don’t do anything at all. Or they start a conversation about possible guardians with their partner or spouse, and when it doesn’t go as expected, they stop talking about it altogether. You’re a brave parent—and a caring one—to start thinking about what would happen to your little one if something happened to you. 

Thinking about and planning these things is not going to be easy. However, when you meet with an attorney to get your documents in place, you will be able to tell them exactly what you want for your children. You are going to experience true peace of mind when you have created this plan — when you have thoughtfully made the decisions that will guide your children, and the people you’ve chosen to nurture and mentor them, through their lives.

It’s also okay to disagree with your spouse’s or partner’s plan. If you think you may have different ideas, consider filling out individual supplements and come to different decisions. A good attorney will help you collaborate and craft, from there, the plan that works best for you. 

For some parents, considering what your children’s lives would be like without you is the hardest part of this process. This is challenging and emotional because it is so important to you. Your children matter to you. They are the reason you need a plan. Know that you are doing the right thing by considering and answering those difficult questions. You are caring for them in a whole new way by planning for the future. This is a precious gift.

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