All the documents you will need in your estate plan—AND in an emergency documents binder

Bonus! Free excerpt from the Side By Side Planner, an estate planning workbook

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Lauren Pitman

Author, Attorney

Hi. I'm Lauren Pitman.

Let’s be honest. Estate planning feels completely overwhelming (and possibly a lot of money). But not doing anything will be more costly for your loved ones – financially and emotionally.

Planning includes the things we think about right away—like distribution of your assets after your death (like a Will)—but it goes beyond to give you control over how you want your body to be treated if you become ill or injured, how you want your children to be cared for if something happened to you, and how to distribute assets so they can continue to protect the people you love even after you pass away.

If these sound like big tasks to consider, you’re absolutely right. But, the actual estate plan documents aren’t your responsibility; they are created by your attorney.

It’s only your job to think carefully about the questions asked in a plan.

The Side By Side Planner contains all of the questions information and tools that I wish every one of my clients had read and contemplated before they meet with their attorney.

This free checklist is the very first step to completing your estate plan

It will also guide you in compiling all the documents you will need in an emergency binder. It's the first step to carry out your wishes and to ultimately feel like the relief that comes with knowing you’ve done everything you can to protect the people you love.