3 Ways to Get Back-to-School Ready with Emergency Info for Your Kids


Lauren Pitman

Author, Attorney

Remember when you had your fresh sneakers, your brand new lunch box, your super-organized Trapper Keeper, and you were like, This is the year I am going to be so organized at school. My desk is going to be perfect. My pencils will always be sharp. My crayons will never get out of order.

It feels so good to have a fresh start.

Things are a bit different this school year. They’re already less-than-perfect, what with at-home learning and lots of new protocols to follow. It’s not as fun to pick out a new facemask as it was getting new back-to-school clothes.

But there’s a way to get that super-organized perfect-year feeling as the new semester comes sweeping in. 

  1. Create a comprehensive list of emergency contacts: While schools always ask for extra emergency contact for your child, you can go a step further and provide even more information for your child’s file. A list of emergency contacts that coincides with your list of temporary guardians for your child will assure that you have someone there in case of emergency, and that person has the authority to care for your child.
  2. Pre-authorize a designated person to pick up your child in case of emergency: The school might have a form for this, and if not, you can provide them with a Limited Power of Attorney form that would allow your child to get picked up by someone other than you if something went wrong at school and you couldn’t get there right away. The Limited Power of Attorney can be found in the Supplement for Parents with Young Children.
  3. Make a medical history and medications list: Keep an up-to-date list of any medications and relevant medical history ready and available for anyone who needs to care for your child. This document can live at home where it’s accessible to babysitters and other caregivers and kept on file at school. Having this information all in one place makes life easier for anyone caring for your child.

This information, and so much more, is included in the Side by Side Planner and Supplement for Parents with Young Children. It’s a comprehensive guide to estate planning for your children. If you’re ready to get super-organized for what’s ahead, download your planner today.


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