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Do you have a plan?

A good estate plan will make life easier for your family, and you will have peace of mind. BUT before you meet with your attorney, start with the Side by Side Planner, an estate planning workbook and important documents organizer.

With the Side by Side Planner estate planning workbook, you'll go from overwhelmed to empowered.

Everyone needs a plan. Everyone. Old or young, married or single, wealthy or not wealthy yet—estate planning shouldn't be a tool reserved for only a select few.

Whether you’re a parent who wants to ensure your children are cared for when you’re gone, an individual who cares about aging in your home as long as possible, or someone who wishes to create an emergency plan for a beloved pet, the Side by Side Planner is for you.

Part reference book (in plain English!), part decision-making guide, part workbook, part checklist—the Side By Side Planner was created to help you make smart choices to protect the things you value and the people you love.

Sadly, more than half of Americans will never make a plan.

The Side by Side Planner is an important tool for adults of all ages, in all stages of life, in all levels of economic wealth.

If you are injured or face a catastrophic illness, who will care for your children or pets? Who will ensure your bills are paid? Who will communicate with medical staff to ensure your health care wishes are carried out?

I get it. Estate planning feels overwhelming and complicated. But, you’ve put off preparing a will and an estate plan long enough. Not having a plan is costly to your loved ones: financially, mentally, and emotionally.

In the Side By Side Planner you will learn what makes an estate plan, what decisions you need to make, and why you need to make them.

Take as much time as you need to answer the questions and complete the worksheets. Move at your own pace, and use the time to address questions with your family, health care professional, or personal attorney.

How it Works

What do you get?

  • A 50-page fillable PDF document containing important definitions and explanations that you need to understand in estate planning.
  • 17 informational sections that answer basic estate planning questions, like “What happens if I don’t have a plan?” and “How do I choose the right attorney?
  • 26 guided worksheets titled “Let’s Talk About…” with spaces to fill in your personal information. Plus instructions to your agent, if something happens to you.
  • A glossary of estate planning terms.

Lauren Pitman

Attorney, Founder

Hi. I'm Lauren Pitman. This planner will walk you through the estate planning process as if you were a client in my office.

After fifteen years as an estate-planning attorney, I’ve helped families protect their assets, their personal legacies, and their loved ones. But the need for information is too great for me to work with only one family at a time. There are still too many people who don’t have the documents that can make their loved ones’ lives easier.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to meet everyone who desperately needs more information about estate planning at my office. Plus, I believe it’s time for attorneys to make estate planning more transparent, so people can get the advice they need. That’s why I created Side by Side Planner.

Who needs an estate plan?

Everyone who cares about something: whether that’s another person, an heirloom, or a worthy cause.

More than half of Americans will never make a Will, and their families spend hours in probate court, paying attorney’s fees and court fees, and trying to guess what their loved one really wanted. It’s just too risky and costly. No matter what, your loved ones won’t get the exact results you wanted for them, and your family harmony is at stake.

I want you to know that your estate plan is about so much more than distributing your assets. A really good estate plan will make life easier for your family. It will bring you peace of mind. And it will be a layer of protection between the people you love and emergency situations.

Your only job is to think carefully about the questions asked in the planner and supplement, and to take the answers to an attorney you trust.

Do you still need to see an attorney?

I did not create the Side by Side Planner to drum up business for my law firm. I saw a desperate need for more knowledge about estate planning across all levels of education and incomes. So, even if you choose not to take your Side by Side Planner to an attorney, this workbook will be a valuable resource to you.

The Planner and supplements are not legal documents, so you need to see an attorney you trust to make your plans legally enforceable.

But any attorney will be grateful that you have spent time and effort thinking about these important questions, so they can focus on what they do best: creating the plan, on paper, that works for you.

How long will it take me to complete?

You only need an hour or more to complete the worksheets. Just take your time and be thoughtful about your answers.

Then take the completed planner and relevant supplement(s) to an attorney in your area who focuses on estate planning. Your attorney will take it from there.

Where should you keep your planner?

Keep your planner with your other important documents: birth certificates, social security cards, marriage certificates. Whether it’s under your bed or in a safety deposit box, make sure someone you trust also knows where it is and has access to it, in case of emergencies.

Keep your planner on hand to show it off. You will have done a lot of hard work in its pages. If you have aging parents who haven’t made an estate plan, your Side by Side Planner is a great tool to spark conversation with loved ones about their own wishes and end of life plans.

This planner will give you all the information you need to carry out your wishes and to ultimately feel like the relief that comes with knowing you’ve done everything you can to protect the people you love.

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